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Hotel zur Donau Dillingen
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Legal notes:


All media you may find at have either been created by our self, ordered directly from an artist and therefore created on our behalf or perhaps licensed from some media database. In any case, all media on our website are covered by German copyright laws and may not be copied or republished.
If you have the feeling that we have used your copyrighted material without (the proper) license or we would not prominently enough credit you for your artwork, please feel free to simply contact us. We promise to immediately take the questioned content offline while we sort out where we have licensed the artwork from and under which conditions.

Data protection

Beim Besuch unserer Internetseite werden sogenannte 'Cookies' auf Ihrem PC gespeichert, sofern Ihr Endgerät das zulässt. Von unserer Domain unter erhalten Sie 1 technisches Cookie, das den Betrieb unserer Seite erleichtert. Sobald Sie Ihren Browser schließen, sollte dieses Cookie automatisch gelöscht werden.

On the first load of our website at, your device will receive a so-called 'cookie' - your device may recline to save it though (check the settings of your browser for more information). However, those cookies your device receives from are only technically and cannot be used to monitor your online behavior or track you while visiting other websites.
Beyond that, we also use a visitor tracking system to better understand which informations our visitors are seeking for, and through that enhance the experience for our online visitors. While this topic is quite complex, we have summed it all up on the page privacy policy - if you feel you'd like to be informed further.

Consumer law and dispute resolution

We provide our services "in-house" - not by a distance selling with shipping and handling. In this respect, there is no need for a consumer arbitration procedure. As a precaution, we would like to point out, that we are neither obliged nor willing to participate in a consumer arbitration procedure under the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act under Section 36 VSBG (German consumer protection law).

Other matters

We are a small, owner-managed company and we work hard to get along with everyone, every law and do everything just right. Of course, mistakes can still happen. If you feed we've missed something, please send us a simple and short message give us a call. We will endeavor to find a good solution and make up for any omissions as quickly as possible.

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